How to Refer Others for Chiropractic Care


You may have family, relatives or friends who suffer from spine and nerve problems, or other specific conditions, and tried to get them to visit one of our clinics for a checkup.

Let’s talk about how you can help them.

When is it appropriate to refer a loved one to a chiropractor?

If they are:

  • experiencing any pain that keeps returning over months or years.
  • taking medications and have never had their spines checked.
  • pregnant and are in any kind of pain.

If they have:

  • been injured in a vehicular accident.
  • experienced a fall or other injury around the home.
  • suffered a sport-related injury, etc.

If the medications they are taking are strong and the doctor is increasing their dosage.

Oh, and by the way… REGARDLESS OF THEIR AGE.

Key Points to Consider:

1. Severity. If the pain is daily, even if the pain is not disabling, the best thing to do is to personally take them to the clinic (please call first for appointment time). That is true love!

2. If the pain is only once in a while, it becomes harder for people to feel the urgency to undergo a spinal evaluation. It is far costlier to wait until the pain has become more intense, for the condition to be disabling before someone will make the time to get checked.

Intensive care with more frequent sessions will be necessary and the total number of sessions will be higher; so coming now, while the condition is still relatively uncomplicated, will save them a lot of money.

3. Speaking of money: that is often the rationalization people have for not going to the doctor. Chiropractic may not be inexpensive, because it is a foreign trained profession, but as mentioned above, getting care before things get complicated is money-wise. Besides, think about former president GMA’s high surgical costs and how that could be their future expense. Much smarter to act now before its too late.

4. In truth, spinal health is far more important that oral health, but people regularly see the Dentist. You may want to learn more on this topic and better make the point that people really need to take the time to get their spines checked.

You can start by having them set an appointment at any of our nearest clinic locations, or here online where they can get a First-Visit Discount.

Alternatively, you can just drag them into our office when walking nearby any of our clinics.

Just kidding. Well… it was half-meant, but it does show how much you care!

Have You Had Your
Spine Checked?

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