Chiropractic Care For Women And During Pregnancy

Women have special healthcare needs and there is no exception when it comes to how chiropractic care can help a woman restore and preserve her health and the health of her baby during pregnancy.

Nerve interference that may be caused by spinal misalignments can affect the normal hormonal system and any body organ, including the reproductive organs. Although chiropractors do not treat such conditions as infertility or irregular monthly cycles, women who seek chiropractic care for their lower back pains suddenly find their monthly cycle becoming normalized.

Other women who have been married for years without having any children for a variety of GYN reasons, suddenly find themselves pregnant and able to carry through the end of their pregnancy for a healthy live birth. Why? Because spinal care under a chiropractor improves the overall functioning of the nervous system.

Let me ask you this question: “At what time in a woman’s life do they need to avoid drinking, smoking and taking of any drugs?” The answer is obvious: during pregnancy. What a woman needs mostly when she is pregnant is a non-drug doctor, one who can help many pains experienced during pregnancy and normalize other body functions through improved nerve supply and close attention to a healthy lifestyle.

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